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Donerre is a French manufacturer of high-performance shock absorbers for rally-raids. Boris Gadasin and G-Force Motorsport are the official representatives of Donerre in the territory of Russia and the countries of CIS.

Donerre is positioned in a field where high technology and reliability are keywords. These criteria are achieved by the application of quality control through every step of the engineering and production processes. Donerre has an experience of over 40 millions racing kilometres...
Donerre only offers products of an exceptional quality. In order to achieve that goal, we are manufacturing in-house the majority of the components used in our dampers.

The intricate assembly phase is exclusively done in-house and each damper is then systematically tested on our test bed.

Each Donerre damper has been constantly individually checked and evaluated throughout the production process. Each damper has a unique serial number enabling us to track it throughout the entire production process.

Successful innovation requires a seamless integration of all elements in the product development process. The power of Donerre is established by a very close relationship between the design office, the sales team, and the customers. For that reason the Donerre 'team' is very often present at the racing track, see also our| 'Race Agenda'.

The results obtained by Donerre in all categories of races where Donerre dampers are used speak for themselves. They confirm the fact that these are top quality products, which are used for references in many series.

Donerre dampers are renown for their exceptional reliability; our dampers are the only ones to have won the Dakar rally, using only 1 set of dampers from the start until the end, with no work required on them throughout the entire race.